The Living Community

In April 2020, the school started “The Living Community” or TLC, a social impact accelerator programme that gives students a platform to initiate projects that meet real needs in communities. TLC has seen a growing number of students sign up for this programme to kickstart their social and community initiatives. The students who have been involved with these initiatives have shared that they find meaning and fulfilment in alleviating social issues, and are motivated to be socially responsible consumers themselves.

Since its inception, TLC has supported more than 20 student projects involving over 350 students from different diplomas and benefited over 600 individuals from the community. Our students have also worked with over 12 industry partners to date.

Through TLC, the school hopes to inspire students to initiate social impact projects outside of their curriculum, and to work with partners and the community to bring their ideas to life. The students’ projects will be supported through seed funding and industry sponsorships. A panel of faculty mentors with multi-disciplinary expertise are available to guide the students, who have access to a network of community partners and mentors. TLC will also help our students to develop essential soft skills that will be relevant to their future profession, and it inculcates in our students the trait of big-heartedness, one of NP’s graduate outcomes.



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